Issued Patents Patent # Issue Date
Enzymatic Cleaning Tablet 5,529,788 6-Jun-96
Disinfectant Patent #1 5,817,337 6-Oct-98
Disinfectant Patent #2 5,741,520 21-Apr-98
Disinfectant Patent #3 6,099,861 8-Aug-00
Clean Drain™ 6,136,768 24-Oct-00
Sterilant Effervescent Formulation 6,165,505 6-Dec-00
MASP- Solvent For Liquid Ingredients 6,440,906 27-Aug-02
MASP- Carrier For Liquid Ingredients 6,451,746 17-Sept-02
MASP- Expanded Perborate Salts 6,491,947 10-Dec-02
Toilet Bowl Foamer 6,713,441 30-Mar-04
New Technology Expanded Perborate Salts 8,652,434 18-Feb-14
Tablet Binding Compositions 8,877,240 04-Nov-14
Method For Preparing A Solid Form Of Acetic Acid and Products Thereof 8,859,482 14-Oct-14
Patent Pending Applications 1